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Frequently Asked Questions

The ADA laws can be confusing and often times frustrating for business and property owners. ADA Compliance Contractors understands the challenge and are here to help our clients make their businesses economically accessible to all. If these answers to Frequently Asked Questions do not answer your questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Why do I need to worry about the ADA laws?

The ADA laws affect everyone. If your business is not compliant, you may be vulnerable to lawsuits which can cripple your business. Violations come with heavy fines and legal fees that must be paid in addition to the money required to fix the violations. The best way to decrease you risk of lawsuits is to be proactive. Calling ADA Compliance Contractors now can save you from the headache and reduce the cost of a lawsuit.

Ensuring your business does not discriminate against people with disabilities is not only the law; it’s simply the right thing to do. Approximately 54 million Americans have at least one disability, making them the largest minority group in the nation. Your business must be a comfortable place for all your customers and employees.

I have a building built before 1990 when the ADA laws were passed. Is there a “grandfather” clause in the ADA law?

No, there is no grandfather clause in the ADA law. Every place of public accommodation, new or old, must comply with the ADA laws. ADA Compliance Contractors can help you bring your building into compliance effectively and efficiently. We know construction on any scale can be an inconvenience. Our in-house personnel have years of ADA construction experience.

What are some of the most common areas that present ADA compliance issues?

Although many lawsuits target just the exterior of buildings, both the exterior and interior must be in compliance with the ADA law. ADA Compliance Contractors has experts who will address both areas in their analysis, as well as staff with experience correcting the violations. The most common areas of violations include:

  • Parking lots including spaces, aisles and loading zones
  • Exterior ramps
  • Paths of travel including routes from parking lots to building entrance areas
  • Signage, both inside and out
  • Restrooms
  • Lobbies and reception areas including counters and tables
  • Accessibility to goods and services

I always see signs and designated parking areas for handicap. Does the interior of my building need to be ADA compliant as well?

Yes, all public access areas must be in compliance with ADA law. The most common violation is a handicap parking stall and ramp servicing the stall which is not in compliance. The restrooms and sales counters are also common problem areas. ADA Compliance Contractors can assess both the interior and exterior of your building – as well as provide construction services to fix the non-compliant areas.

Are California accessibility laws the same as the Federal accessibility laws?

No. In many cases California accessibility laws are more stringent that Federal law. If you comply with only the Federal code, there are many cases where you may not comply with California’s accessibility requirements. The reason: Federal code is generally a guideline for accessibility codes. Each state – including California – can add, edit or even remove certain areas of Federal guideline and literally create its own set of laws. ADA Compliance Contractors understands the complexities of these Federal and State laws and will assist clients in finding an efficient solution that complies with both sets of laws.

I’ve already paid a lot of money for an evaluation and report. Where do I go from here?

Unfortunately this is where many ADA consultants leave you. ADA Compliance Contractors provides both ADA compliance consulting and construction under one roof eliminating much of the hassle that comes with bringing your building up to code. However, if you have already received a report, we are more than happy to work with you to complete the required work.

ADA Compliance Contractors wants this to be as painless as possible and will pick up where others have left you. We will review the report (with no fee) and provide you an estimate and timeline to complete the work.

I have been served with a lawsuit. Now what?

Call ADA Compliance Contractors and we can help you bring your building into compliance. We are a one stop shop for ADA compliance – meaning you make only one phone call and deal with one person. We can provide our clients with a compliance report as well as construction services. This is an efficient and cost effective way to correct the violations the client has been cited for. We can also refer you to an experienced ADA attorney if you do not have one.

If I have already been sued for ADA violations, can I be sued again?

Yes, until the violations are corrected you are in violation of the ADA law and subject to additional lawsuit.

What if I do not own the building in which my business is housed? Am I still responsible for ADA compliance?

Typically the owner of the building is responsible any exterior ADA compliance violation including the parking lot and access to the building; and business owner leasing the interior space is responsible for the interior ADA compliance. However, if there are interior structural compliance problems, the responsibility may fall on the building owner’s. The responsibility is generally set forth in the lease agreement.

Are your contractors licensed?

All contractors doing business in California are required to be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. ADA Compliance Contractors is licensed, bonded and fully insured. ADA Compliance Contractors has a history of positive client relationships. Our employees are experienced and knowledgeable professionals with strong communication skills. You will receive quality construction work along with unparalleled customer service.

All of this ADA compliance sounds expensive. As a small business owner, how am I supposed to afford it?

ADA Compliance Contractors keeps everything in-house to save our clients money. We have their budget in mind from day one and will work with them to fix any violations as cost-effectively as possible.

Additionally, to assist businesses with complying with the ADA, Section 44 of the IRS Code allows a tax credit for small businesses and Section 190 of the IRS Code allows a tax deduction for all businesses. There are qualifications and restrictions so please check with you tax advisor prior to spending money on ADA improvements.

There are many ADA consulting companies. Why should I choose to work with you?

ADA Compliance Contractors is a one stop shop for ADA compliance. We can provide our client with a thorough interior and exterior compliance report as well as construction services. This is an efficient, cost effective and straightforward way to deal with ADA compliance. We have the knowledge and skill to bring your building up to code in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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